the climate of Reggio Calabria: Summer 12 months a year and overall no winter

Summer 12 months a year: the climate of Reggio Calabria

climate of Reggio Calabria beach Lungomare D'Annunzio Via Marina street seasideThe climate of Reggio Calabria is the typical Mediterranean climate: hot and well-ventilated summers, mild winters, practically non-existent, except on the hills of Aspromonte.

Average summer temperatures are around 24 ° C minimum and 38 ° C maximum.

Average winter temperatures range from a minimum of 8 ° C to a maximum that can reach up to 24 ° C.

Autumn and winter are practically non-existent, especially considering that the winds of the Strait rapidly remove clouds and clouds.

In Reggio Calabria it is difficult for there to be a cloudy and ugly day, because of the winds of the Strait that are strong at high altitude and clean the sky.

Arena dello Stretto Guest House Via Marina Reggio CalabriaThe bathing season, for those who especially love free beaches, can start quietly from April and move forward until October even if, the bravest, there are many who even prepare for January 1 for the traditional first bath of the year.

The streets of Reggio have also been designed to make outdoor living pleasant during all 12 months, in fact on Corso Garibaldi and Via Marina, it is always pleasant to walk along with the thousands of tourists that crowd the city.

What to pack in the luggage

If you come in the cold months, we recommend a non-heavy jacket and clothing that is used in the rest of Italy in the autumn, so no fur, heavy jackets, gloves and scarves, boots that would remain in your suitcase.

If you come in the rest of the year, that is when the heat is always present, we suggest the classic onion-style clothing, then starting with a light jacket, sweater and inevitable T-shirt or polo shirt.


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