Guest House Via Marina B&B Reggio Calabria Special Hospitality at the time of Covid-19 Corona Virus

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Guest House Via Marina B&B Reggio Calabria igiene sicurezza Covid-19 Corona virus

Welcome to the Via Marina B&B Guest House in Reggio Calabria which on this page shows you its level of welcome at the time of Covid-19, also known as Corona Virus.

If you are here, it is because you too are concerned about the current situation of the infections; and this is why we are keen to provide you with a list of measures, which have always been adopted in our facility, which will ensure you sleep peacefully even in the time of Covid-19 known as Corona Virus.

Fortunately we have always taken care of all aspects of hospitality, and above all we are famous for the level of cleanliness and sanitation of the rooms.

We have always used the best of what is on the market and we have always used suppliers of detergents and sanitizers that also provide hospitals, because we also want the best for our environments for ourselves.

We taken the utmost attention to the level of hygiene of the linen; if there are not a few structures that wash at home, we have always had our laundry washed by an industrial laundry that adopts systems that guarantee us 100%.

It is no coincidence that our linen is not colored and is exclusively white.

Totally independent and autonomous rooms

  • Maximum independence and autonomy of your room.
  • No contact or shared areas between guests, each room has its own direct and independent entrance.
  • Top autonomy level, each room has its own bathroom and equipped kitchenette.
  • Maximum attention to detail, from the level of air conditioning to the thermal and sound cut.

Hygiene, sanitizing and sanitizing

  • All our bathroom and bed linen is treated according to strict protocols at an industrial laundry.
  • Every single part of the bathroom and bedroom is cleaned and sanitized with specific industrial products.
  • Even the rags, tea towels and floor rags are each for each area, suitable for the sanitizing product used.
  • Everything that can be touched by guests, from door handles to remote controls, to light buttons, is always disinfected.

Services for tourists

  • The rooms are fully equipped and are self-sufficient even for long stays so it is not essential to have to go to the restaurant for meals.
  • the kitchenette has everything you need, from the microwave, to the stove, to the fridge with freezer, pots, pans, cutlery, glasses and various, all carefully cleaned and sanitized with specific products.
  • We have a list of local activities that we can guarantee for the takeaway gastronomy service.
  • For clothing we have an agreement with a laundry near us who can also perform the home service by picking up and delivering your clothes in a short time.

Hospitality in the days of the Corona Virus begins with us; the best holiday starts with the best choices.

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