Accommodation in B&B Reggio Calabria

Accommodation in B&B Reggio Calabria

Where to stay in Reggio Calabria?

Where to sleep in Reggio Calabria?

Accommodation in B&B Reggio Calabria: the moment we plan a holiday and we have to choose where to sleep, of course, there are always many doubts.

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overnight in reggio calabriaWhere?

If you are especially planning a stay in Reggio Calabria, you certainly will most likely be asking questions such as “in what area of ​​Reggio Calabria I could stay?”, “Are there areas or neighborhoods safer than others?”.

Who wants to stay generally in Reggio Calabria, has essentially 3 possibilities: sleeping of course in the historic center and seafront (and then, specially at the Guest House B&B Via Marina Reggio Calabria Telephone +39 329 6129067), or outside the historic center (but always staying in the city) or in the suburbs around the city.

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Tips for your holiday

The definitive choice of where to stay in Reggio Calabria depends of course on your preferences and needs, but we decided to gather some useful tips on the different areas of Reggio Calabria to help you decide where to stay in the next holiday.

The center of Reggio Calabria is rather collected and easy to visit on foot. Just to give you an example, to cross it would take about half an hour and during the walk you would see most of the points of attraction in the city.

In the heart of the center

The Guest House Via Marina B&BStaying in the historic center therefore makes perfect sense if you want to visit especially the museums and monuments of Reggio Calabria and if you have little time available.

Accommodation in Reggio Calabria: The map you see clicking here highlights the historic center of Reggio Calabria.

This area corresponds to the oldest part of the city.

Why to choose the center

The center of Reggio Calabria is small and you can visit it comfortably on foot or, if you wish, using public transportation. You could stay in the surroundings of the Lido station, the National Museum of Magna Grecia, and stay just 10 minutes from the Duomo.

Choosing an hotel like Guest House Via Marina near the Museum (250 meters), you will be 5/10 minutes from the rest of the city: from the Aragonese Castle, from the Duomo, and in about 15/20 minutes walk you will visit the Palace of Culture.

These are all distances on foot, just to give you an idea of ​​how the various points of interest of Reggio Calabria are close to each other.

The historic center is hardly accessible by car because of the traffic of private cars and visiting it on foot is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy it in all its beauty.

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The Guest House Via Marina B&B

Where to stay? Where to stay in Reggio Calabria staying in the center of Reggio Calabria?

Our advice is to stay with us at the Guest House Via Marina (+39 329 6129067), so as to be in the heart of the center, have available free parking and accommodation complete with all amenities.

Accommodation in Reggio Calabria: Since the main attractions are very close to each other, you will have no difficulty in reaching them once your car is parked.

If you want to stay in the true heart of the historic center of Reggio Calabria, choose a structure on the Lungomare like ours, in an area that overlooks the most lively area of ​​the city.

This area is one of the most visited by tourists throughout the day and, in summer, even until late evening.

Starting from the Guest House Via Marina you will be in the center of Reggio Calabria, a short walk from the monuments, squares, churches and restaurants, shops and major museums.

Some areas of the center of Reggio Calabria have characteristics that make them more appropriate for certain interests.

For example, if you love nightlife, we recommend, specially in the summer, to stop on Lungomare (Via Marina, Marina Street), the famous Via Marina full of clubs, pubs and disco pubs that color and give life to the entire city during the summer season.

You will find an almost infinite number of pubs and nightclubs on the Via Marina and pubs and restaurants open until late and in the upper part of the Lungomare.

The Area

Luxury Guest House Via MarinaIn any case, many restaurants are open until midnight throughout Reggio Calabria.

At the same time the main streets in these areas are frequented until late and therefore a bit noisier.

Guest rooms at the Via Marina Guest House are highly soundproofed and well-air-conditioned mini-suites

If you like the most vibrant areas this is the best area; with the day market and small supermarkets and shops a short distance away, you will find many activities and you can buy nice gifts for you and your family.

What are the safest neighborhoods? Where to find an Accommodation in Reggio Calabria?

Reggio Calabria is a fundamentally secure city.

When it comes to the safety of a city, most of the time one wonders if there are areas to be avoided.

While the larger cities may have “darker” areas, also Reggio Calabria being rather small in size and always very popular with tourists and the inhabitants themselves, does not have areas that can be defined as risky.

Are you still wondering where?

So you are still wondering Where to stay in Reggio Calabria? Where to find an Accommodation in Reggio Calabria?

The center is always very lively and safe, even late at night, perennially frequented by many people who walk and visit the main monuments on the Via Marina.

Even in Reggio Calabria there is obviously crime, very little petty crime, which is rare for being a city located in Italy.

In any case, of course, it is advisable to be careful and have some common sense and you will not have any problem, being able to fully enjoy Reggio Calabria in all its splendor.

Accommodation in Reggio Calabria

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